• Quiet operation
    – Quiet operation thanks to the new fan blade design
  • Standard drain pump
    – Designed for water discharge to 700mm
  • Fresh air intake in 5.8/7.1/8.0kW models
    – Fresh air inlet brings the fresh air from the outside into the room.
    and improves indoor air quality considerably.
    It prevents the “closed environment syndrome”.
  • 2.8/3.6/4.5kW capacities excluded
    – Flexible and better air distribution with 1 or 2 side outlets.
  • Advanced structure that simplifies installation and maintenance
    – Random installation direction
  • True compact design for 2.8/3.6/4.5kW
    – Panel size is 700x700mm and the device
    its size is 570x570mm.
    Small space makes installation easy
  • Standard wired controller